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Thursday, 21 May 2015

My brand new ballgags.

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

This morning the postman delivered my latest fetish toys.

As some of you know I am a bit of a bondage nut in the bedroom.

In the past I owned a large 50 mm Ball Gag, but the one I had was poor quality. In a fit of mad struggle while the hubby tied me up, I literally bit right through the gag. How the hell did I do that you ask? Well it's because it was made in layers joined together and it was rubber not Silicone.
Besides, the way things have been going of late; Rubber gags can affect people who maybe allergic to them. That is the reason I wanted to replace it with a silicone gag.

I have been looking for a gag supplier in the UK that sells gags that do not have a leather strap running through it, for hygienic purposes. I finally found a great supplier in Bondage.Bob who sells the style I like.

Below are the links for you to go to and shop to your hearts content.  Bondage.Bob / 3_Dozen_Toyz is the seller. Say I said hello. Also, if you are on, you can find them as DIYBondage.

There are two Ebay accounts both with excellent feed back. One does the ball gags and ring gags the other is for the harness type gags and specialty items.

We purchased the 50 mm diameter (that's the distance across the centre of the ball).

Yep in imperial that's a 2inch ball gag. I have been wearing it for an hour this morning to get used to wearing this for long periods of play time. Boy does it make you drool a lot, But that's why we want to wear them, right?

Let me say that I love the thick straps and the shiny well riveted locking buckle.

£15.00 plus £4 for postage which if in stock comes by second class post and will arrive two days after payment. Bondage.Bob also emails to say that it has been posted out to you. How's that for prompt service? We gave it five out of five star recommendations for all categories.

The other purchase we made is the 60 mm diameter ball gag. That is a 2 and 3/8 of an inch ball gag. It has the same beautiful craftsmanship. I must point out. This gag is really huge. It doesn't quite fit me, try as I might to squeeze it in. I am afraid that my eyes were bigger than my mouth when we ordered it lol. I will persevere and train myself to wear it. I will not be beaten.

The sizes these gags come in are as follows:-
45mm (1&3/4 inch);  50mm (2 inch); 55mm (2&1/4 inch); 60mm(2&3/8 inch)
Red Black Blue & Pink are the colours available.

If you are into Bit Gags or Ring Gags or if you require a beautiful Panel Ball Gag;  this is the place to shop for them. I am saving my pennies up for one of the Harness Ball Gags.

Happy shopping.

Emma xx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Magic Wand Harness Belt

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

I have finally succumbed to my yearning.

I ordered a Magic Wand Harness Belt from Ebay. It arrived in the post this very day.
Got it for £52. Checking online this afternoon they are being sold on UK sex toy websites for £63-£67 not including postage. Well the money saving stimulated me to try it out right then and there.

I strapped it on good and tight and no matter how hard I shook it about, I couldn't dislodge the bulbous head of the wand off my little Clitty Cat.

Bending forward eased it a little, but leaning back thrust me onto the wand harder. There is a strap that passes from the back of the belt which holds the wand and then clips to two rings on the front of the belt. The wand made all the straps tingle all the was up to my ass. There is even a holding strap for a butt plug!

Wasn't long before it was working its magic on me for a fantastic orgasm. This is sooo getting used in my next tie up session lol.

Emma xx

Loren Chance as the Dangerous Diva

Loren - MyVideo

Hi there Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

Below is a lovely link to a video of Loren Chance playing the Dangerous Diva an cat-burglar with a penchant for tying up her victims and playing with them before robbing them all.

Emma xx

Friday, 15 May 2015

Do You Want To Play With My Balls - childrens story book

Howdy guys and gals out there in bondageland.
I came across this on Youtube.
It's a children's story book that can be used for adults too.
I reckon the author must be a kinky person just from the words and I cant see it being read in Kindergarten much either lol


Emma xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

There is a new story of mine up on Gromets Plaza.

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

Just to let you know after a serious amount of writers block, I have finally finished another story which Gromet was kind enough to add to his site Gromets Plaza.

Don't like my stuff? Then Gromets website caters for a whole heap of differing kinky stories, so there must be one that takes your fancy.

Go check the site out and say I said hello. He is a fellow Aussie.

Emma x

Paula & Jane Endure Elbow Bondage Training 2
Emma Bond
F/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; elbow; crotchrope; bdsm; spank; torment; punish; cons; X

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie an Hitachi vibrator in a crotchrope

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie an Hitachi vibrator in a crotchrope

Ever wondered how to tie an Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator in a crotchrope?
Check out this link and you will see how its done.

Emma x

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Bondage Workshop - 1 Pair of Handcuffs Selfbondage Tie - semi strict tie

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.
Having some spare time on my hands has led me into some new self bondage challenges.

One of the easiest and also quite restrictive ties you can put yourself into is this tie.

Release methods:-
Obviously you will need to work out your release method first.
Frozen key in a block of ice left some distance away and you have to wriggle to it;
Frozen folded string that is tied high up that so that when the ice melts, the string unfolds and the key which is attached to one end of this string falls to hand level
The cuff key is placed into a matchbox and taped up, then this box is placed in a small Tupperware container and taped up, this is then place inside a slightly bigger box etc. Five or six boxes will keep you amused for a bit depending on the amount of tape you use.
The key is put into a balloon which is then blown up with several others placed around the room or dropped and left to settle. Which balloon has the key. Better start popping them to find it. Same colour balloons make this harder. 

1 Pair of handcuffs and the key placed into the release method of your choice.
Any other toys of choice will add a bit of spice Ie gag, blindfold, nipple clamps, vibrators/plugs

First we have to set the scene.

Do you wish to be found? You may wish to call your partner and get them to come home early and find you. If so then you may wish to dress up.

Stockings and suspender belt (Garter belts to the Yanks out there). High heeled shoes always look good but may make your bondage journey a pain in the ass.
Corsets and basques with stockings always look hot, but you will be bent over, so this attire may restrict breath and dig in just above the crotch. Sometimes I like the uncomfortableness of this.

If you are going to get found and played with, you may just want to be naked.

Place the key somewhere you can get to it. If you are masochistic like me you, will be placing it in another room a fair distance away to make this harder. If I use the “string fall” method I tape or use a drawing pin to hold the string above a door jam. Make sure all the doors are open between the start and the finish.

Move to your start position.

Now it is the time to add those toys you like.
A gag makes bondage more fun in my opinion. Also I hate the drool dripping from my mouth, down, over my chin and falling all over me. I do find it erotic if it happens to another person though. I guess I don’t like getting dirty lol.

You may want to use sex toys.
I like to use a vibrating egg or bullet vibrators for this sort of tie. The remote can be slipped into a stocking top when you have turned it on. You won’t be able to lose it as it turns you on.

Slip in a butt plug. You will be sitting down cross legged so every wriggle will push that plug a little deeper in your ass. Panties will hold all these in place but you may wish to add a crotchrope.
If you use a crotchrope, have you tried placing a knot in it so that it sits right on your clit when you pull it tight between your ass and vulva's labia lips?

Turn on the sex toys and add a blindfold.
Slip the cuffs around one of your wrists.

Sit cross legged on the floor, but now bring the knees up to your chest a little.

Place your hands between your legs and move your arms around the ankles moving your hand to the front where you click the cuff on the free hand trapping you in your bondage. You should feel your ankles trapped and it will now be hard to wriggle your ankle out even though they are free from any bonds.

Find your way to the key by wriggling your bottom along the floor. Feel your way using elbows or your feet to position your location in the house.

Can you untape the key if you used the box method of release?

Can you find the balloons to pop, or even pick them up without them bouncing away? I know that I kept feeling for the balloons and that happened to me.

Has that key dropped down yet or did it bounce away somewhere? Is the string caught on something and cant drop to you?

Play safe and have fun.
If you wish to tell us all about about yourself bondage ties, drop me an email.
Happy Bondage

Emma x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Bondage Workshop - Siri as safety on Iphone smart phone

Howdy to all you Kinksters out there in Bonadgeland.

My new pal BudMan0_0 on has a very interesting way to use your smart phones if you are the new owners of an I phone 5. I asked for his permission to share his article and he said he was okay for me to share it with you all.

Thanks sweetie. XOX

The gist of the conversation is this:-

"Have you noticed that there is a "Hea Siri" setting on the iPhone 5 and up?
You set this under Settings/General.
Once it's set, IF (and only if) the phone is plugged into a charger, then, even if the phone is off, you can say "Hea Siri" and the voice command wakes up.
You could then say "Call ______" to call your safety.
Or if you didn't line up a safety and you're really desperate "Call 911".

There might be concern since this feature only works if the phone is on a charger.
However, you could use one of many brands of "battery boosters" on the market.
Plug the battery booster into the phone and plug it into it's charger.
Even if the power fails, being plugged into the battery booster will "fool" the iPhone into thinking it's on power for hours. "


So if you guys and gals have any experience using this as a way for you to be safe in your self bondage, or if you have called someone to release you and want to share the experience (good or bad), I promise your will remain anonymous if you so wish. I would love to hear all about your exploits.

Should you also be interested in trying this, please test this a few times before you commit to your fun and games, as its better to be safe than sorry.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Howdy Guys and gals out there in Bondageland.

We did a few arty type pictures a few years ago that Peter recently re-edited.
You may enjoy them.
Emma xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Blogger admin have caught up to me. . . The Buggers didn't use the handcuffs and the muzzle gag though, more's the pity

Howdy guys and gals out there in Bondageland.

Blogger admin have caught up to me. . . The Buggers didn't use the handcuffs and the muzzle gag though,  more's the pity. You may have seen that recently I have been deleting certain items in the blog as a result of certain advice they presented to me.

They want all blogs on their hosting site to comply to certain policies. I.e things of an adult explicit nature are no longer acceptable. No video clips etc.

Now the hypocrisy of that is incredible.

For instance. Any photo sharing site they also own should stop the publishing of pirated photos and videos of the original owners, and prosecute those users that broke the rules and never had the proper authorisation of the said producers.

They also never specified that what constitutes as adult i.e. Nude genital shots of full intercourse (that would be my definition of obscene (not that sex is obscene), so that's what I have policed for myself).

What is fetish art to me, may be pornographic to someone else. We are all different and if you find my blog obscene then it is your right to leave. I don't force you to click the links to read what I say and do.

They also never advised me what is a video. This, to me was important.
I link to sites that have certain videos to watch. Is that a video or a link? You see where I am coming from, as it could be interpreted both ways. So far they haven't specified.

In the end they have decided that things may need to progress to a private membership of this blog. It will still be free, but to me seems a little overkill,  as there are plenty of others out there with truly horrific stuff that in my opinion, should be stopped and policed first.

For that reason in my banner at the top of the page there is a warning that themes discussed here are of an adult nature, and minors should leave. I have tried my best to comply with their requests made to me. You may also note that on entering the blog you are also warned it may contain things of an adult theme. I originally set the blog up like as I thought that would be sufficient warning of the nature of what it is that we get up to here.

You have my email address to make any complaints which I always answer.
It is you the reader that inspires me to carry on my little bondage blog in the first place.
As a result of that, I reply back and answer or take on board the advise given to me.
Isn't that how we evolve and learn things, after all?

Once things get sorted out mid March, I will reissue the links but no video. If you believe my own pictures (taken with model release approval and with Peter's (Artorusrex) consent) constitute pornography, please let me know and I can put a Fig leaf on the bits you don't like.

That should open up a debate my readers may wish to comment on.

Discuss . . .

Emma x