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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Time off time - yipee

Hello to all you bondage lovelies out there in Bondageland.

Finally had enough of the job and all the negativity the firm in question has to its staff.
I jacked it all in, much to the surprise of all the workers there who loved to ask the questions about who what where when how and why!

When I left it was quoted to me I was outstanding. Now why cant an employer loose the negativity geared to company policy, making the staff feel crap and rubbish, just so they don't have to provide pay rises or bonuses.

Now I know we are half in and half out of this recession and economics dictate what's happening. But to have your manager diss you on and off, for three years, and yet at the end to quote that, is a bloody joke. Now they will replace me with two people (I already know that they already have). Not only has that cost more money, splitting my job was long over due. If anyone was a good manager, they would have known they were pushing all the staff in the office until the pips squeaked by loading up everyone with so much work everyone was going home at 8pm every day. That's rubbish management of resources. They will have some one to cover now which they haven't had for 25 years. Yep when you go on holiday all the stuff is exactly the same as before you left with your suppliers and staff shouting at you where's my money! Feels like you shouldn't have holidays, it was that bad.

All jobs are important and I believe I work for pride rather than the money otherwise I would have been some ball breaking bitch in some management role or other. There are plenty of people who are in management, but really are so introverted and unapproachable they are just jokes.

Anyway that's the rant over.

I have some kinky ideas to be tied and gagged to which I cant wait to try out very shortly.

Peter and I can now see more of each other and I will be getting back to some cooking and the house will be cleaned a bit better too. Now for all you bondage guys and gals saying that's so boring lol, it is. That's why I am ordering a little Fifi the French maid outfit, which will allow me to dress the part in handcuffs and ankle cuffs while I do the dusting and the vacuuming.

Maybe I should hire myself out lol

Emma x.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Hot babe in self bonage

Hot babe in self bonage

A lovely lady ties herself in straps, adds pegs to her nipples and then cuffs herself into a hogtie for our pleasure.

Click on the link and enjoy the clip.

Emma x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Kobe Lee beautifully bound in a Catsuit and vibrated

Catsuit vibrator dryhump

I hope you enjoy the bondage link to Kobe Lee.
She is beautifully bound and gagged with a tight crotch rope and vibrated for our pleasure.

I hope you like the clip. Click on the link to view.

Emma x

Saturday, 20 September 2014

strapado spreader bar bondage

marina needs some help with her french and sister dee

Please click on the link to see a great bondage position to try.
I am so going to give this bondage position a try next time I have the ropes and gags out to play.

Emma  x

Monica Harris bound and gagged in latex by James Bertoni

Sunday, 7 September 2014

dani daniels bound gagged and vibed

dani daniels bound gagged and vibed

Here is a link to xxxbunker.com showing the beautiful Dani Daniels tied to a sofa with a vibrator tied to her crotch and forced to orgasm over and over.

I hope you enjoy the link.
Emma x

Sadie Belle bound and gagged in ballet boots - xHamster.com

Ballet boots - xHamster.com


Sadie Belle bound and gagged in ballet boots - xHamster.com

Click on the link to view the beautiful Sadie Belle bound and gabbed in Battle Boots with a nice little spreader bar attached to the knee tie, crotch rope, bound hands and her gag. Just to make sure she is extra secured in her bonds.

Happy Bondage
Emma x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Bondage Workshop - How to make an Arm Binder/Single Glove

Howdy to all you guys and girls out there in Bondageland.

Its been a little while since I had anything decent to write about or much to link in.
Sorry about that, but work has gotten so bad with no respite.

Well I had to write about this little gem because I was so curious about being bond and gagged in an Arm Binder. It has to be one of the strictest and inescapable ways of tying up your sub to play with.

If anyone who has tries some elbow bondage will know, there are lots of little nerves and veins near the surface of the elbows so it can be fairly severe and stressful tied like that. If you get rid of the rope binding your elbows and use a glove like device like an arm binder you appear to get a little more support on the arms. Obviously you can lace or zip the glove up and add straps to cinch things, but the straps buckled over the shoulder across the front of your body means that encased hands and arms will never be able too undo the buckles.


Here is an amazing leather worker who shows on his blog exactly how to make one and has plans available for the enthusiastic leather of cloth worker.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x